Brits warned of ‘heightened’ terror threat during Qatar World Cup

The Ultrascan AGI Research project said it had picked up chatter.  The chatter involved al-Qaeda and ISIS attacking targets at the World Cup. Threat levels were said by the researchers to have been growing from November 17, with one communication referring to a ‘big party’ that ends with shots and explosions.


Three Men Federally Indicted for Insider Trading, Securities Fraud

Three men have been indicted for their roles in an insider trading conspiracy involving a medical device company’s nonpublic business acquisition deal.

Afghanistan Has Its Own Fake News Problem – Special Report

Hollie McKay’s latest special report for Deadline finds the veteran foreign affairs correspondent and Only Cry for the Living: Memos from Inside the ISIS Battlefield author writing from Kabul about the disinformation campaigns across the Taliban-ruled South Asian nation.

A month into the Taliban takeover of Kabul, and the misinformation and disinformation continues to soar into dizzying territory – driven not only by both clumsy, opportunistic social media sharing, but also seemingly structured propaganda initiatives both inside and outside Afghanistan.

ISIS threat escalates amid ‘disturbing reports’ it will target airport evacuation

Meanwhile, Taliban fighters have left bin Laden’s former mountain hideout close to the border with Pakistan to Isis fighters, sources have told research project Ultrascan AGI.

The monitoring group has been told that Nangarhar Province, where the Tora Bora cave complex was home to Al-Qaeda before it was routed by US forces in 2001, is being used for training centres by the terror group.

Thousands of freed Isis and Al-Qaeda fighters ‘regrouping’ in Afghanistan

Farooqi, last known as an emir in Is-K, as the group is known in Asia, was among 2,000 fighters released by the Taliban from prisons, sources have told research project Ultrascan AGI. The international monitoring group has been told that the commander, who has a number of aliases, has since set up a military base in a northern province and resumed terrorist activities.

Top man of wholesaler B&S has a loan of millions from its own regulator
Top man of wholesaler B&S has a loan of millions from its own regulator

The CEO of B&S received a million-dollar loan from the vice-chairman of the supervisory board. This is not in the annual reports.
In brief
- B&S withholds a loan of millions that the CEO received from Commissioner Willem Blijdorp.
- The CEO's private home serves as collateral for the loan.
- It gives 'the appearance of a potential conflict of interest', says investor club Eumedion. 

American watchdog: major shareholder B&S violates Iran sanctions
American watchdog: major shareholder B&S violates Iran sanctions

- United Against Nuclear Iran denounces Iranian interests B&S CEO Blijdorp.
- US watchdog speaks of 'clear violation of Iran sanctions'.
- UANI is led by leaders such as Joseph Lieberman, Jeb Bush, John Bolton and ex-Mossad chiefs.

Employees of stock exchange listed B&S used for business with Iran and US
Employees of stock exchange listed B&S used for business with Iran and US

- Nine employees of the B&S  were involved in Iranian investments by CEO Willem Blijdorp.
- Lawyers warned him of the risk of his Iranian interests violating sanctions.
- Investors' association VEB denounces the entanglement of B&S interests with private affairs of the CEO. 

How a dream deal on Iranian marble turned into a mud fight

Investigate Business Quarrel
A Dutch-Iranian entrepreneur from a village in North Holland and a Groningen multimillionaire join forces to exploit marble quarries in Iran. It seems like a golden deal – but then they get into a fight.

Clinuvel chairman Willem Blijdorp in a quarry in Iran
Investigation into Clinuvel chairman

Mr Blijdorp, a major shareholder, co-founder and deputy chairman of listed group B&S in Holland, has been locked in a years-long battle with former business partner Danial Mahyari after the two men had a falling out.

Coronavirus Task Force ‘not doing the right thing behind data’

Briefings regarding the pandemic. “the numbers and data the task forces worldwide have put out – as they also say not complete – are not accurate and therefore are misleading,”. “Close to all cases admitted to IC’s are classified as corona related."
Following Birx’s chart of statistics Saturday at the press briefing, Engelsman noted that “getting facts right is important to make sure history is not distorted or placed in the wrong context.”
“I do not remember when the first numbers to establish a baseline are skewed from the beginning,” Engelsman said of Birx’s statistics provided to American citizens.

Clinuvel facing second strike, possible board spill

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals - a market darling which has developed a drug for a rare skin disease for which it now faces competition from a Japanese rival - is facing a second strike and possible spill at its annual meeting.


U.S. Customs have seized thousands of unapproved or counterfeit coronavirus tests, masks and medications

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Baltimore  say they’ve seized thousands of unapproved or counterfeit coronavirus medications and test kits, including the drug Hydroxychloroquine

Billionaire Willem Blijdorp reprimanded by court

Tax-free tycoon Willem Blijdorp has to give a former business partner access to the file that would contain information that he may have been guilty of forgery.

Theft, threats, ruined business partners: the two faces of entrepreneur Willem Blijdorp

Business quarrels Willem Blijdorp is a media shy, but celebrated entrepreneur widely known for his business successes. A trail of lawsuits and ruined ex-business partners tell a different story. "I feel commercially murdered by Blijdorp.”

Willem Blijdorp
Report of fraud - Willem Blijdorp, who has become a billionaire with the IPO

The founder of B&S, Willem Blijdorp, has been charged with fraud. If the allegations (including that he ordered 'a prostitute' to steal information) are proven, the Quote 500 member risks a maximum prison sentence of 4 years. Blijdorp speaks in a response of 'a fake charge'.

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